How To Get an Iraqi Kurdistan Visa on Arrival at Erbil International Airport

visa for iraq in kurdistan

Arriving into Erbil Airport which is in the Kurdistan part of Iraq.

Iraq is still a relatively new backpacking beast, and once you’ve read this you will realise how simple it is to travel to Iraq. While hoards of youngsters head to places like Thailand, Germany, USA and Cambodia on their adventures, not many are tempted by Iraq. And why not? (It must be the media…) Hopefully after reading my stories you will be slightly more inspired and wanting to head to places like Iraq, Suriname and Ethiopia instead of Thailand, Australia and Italy. The whole experience of travelling to Iraq is more rewarding, more challenging and more authentic. Entering Iraq as a tourist these days is best done in the northern region – known as Kurdistan, or Iraqi Kurdistan. Iraqi Kurdistan is still a developing tourist spot but once it gets discovered, things won’t be the same. You know my advice is to head there now – before the other backpackers hear about it! You could be hiking to the old ruins of Amadiya, exploring Erbil’s citadel or paying respects to the victims of the suicide bombings under the Saddam Hussein regime…some reminders still exist by the way…

saddam hussein banknotes

You’ll enjoy touring Iraqi Kurdistan – banknotes like this have thankfully passed the country by…

The Iraq Visa Situation

OK so let’s get this over with straight away – as a non-Iraqi and non-Muslim you will have 2 options when heading to Iraq as a tourist:

1. Get a FULL Iraq Visa and be accompanied with a guide, being permitted to visit ANYWHERE in Iraq as long as you’re with a guide (Kurdistan exempt).

iraq flag visa

The Iraq flag – a visa that covers all of Iraq has to be sorted in advance.

2. Get an Iraqi Kurdistan Visa and backpack on your own, without any intervention, but with a limit as to where you can and can’t go (i.e. Kurdistan only – the northern part of Iraq).

kurdistan iraq flag visa

The Kurdistan Flag – a visa for Iraqi Kurdistan can be sorted on arrival and land and air borders.

I’ll make it Easier for you:

1. You can get a visa that covers ALL OF IRAQ

2. You can get a visa that covers the KURDISTAN PART OF IRAQ ONLY

irbil fireworks iraq

How to get an Iraqi Kurdistan Visa on Arrival at Erbil International Airport – enjoying the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Irbil, Iraq.

As a budget backpacker and one who doesn’t want guided tours, or the risk of being stopped at security checks all the time, or to pay a lot for my travels, we chose to avoid Baghdad, Babylon and Al Basra and head to Kurdistan. This allows you the freedom to do things yourself. We wanted to backpack through the Kurdistan part of Iraq at our own leisure. And that’s my advice. It’s easier, safer, cheaper and more authentic. For the time being you should be getting a visa for Iraqi Kurdistan.

kurdistan iraq

Meeting an Iraqi and a Kurdish policeman in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq.

A Full Iraqi Visa

If you want a FULL Iraqi Visa to see the whole country and with a guide, you will have to organise it yourself in advance through a tour company, an agent or an overseas representative of the Republic of Iraq. I didn’t go for this option, I went for visa on arrival for Iraqi Kurdistan only. I didn’t want to be with a guide, or to pay the high price of a tour or all the restrictions, I just wanted to go backpacking in Iraq, so the Kurdistan Visa is the one to go for!

iraqi kurdistan

Backpacking in Erbil Bazaar and Markets, Kurdistan, Iraq

Getting An Iraqi Kurdistan Visa on arrival

If you want an Iraqi Kurdistan Visa, you can get this on arrival at the land borders and airports in Kurdistan. Only the nationalities that are eligible of course, and here’s the list…

These nationalites can definitely get a visa on arrival for Iraqi Kurdistan

Citizens of “EU countries (Ireland, Germany, United Kingdom etc.), Canada, USA, Australia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, South Korea (but South Koreans should have special permission note from Korean Ministry of Trade and Foreign Affairs)’ will be granted 15 days visas upon arrival at the Erbil or Sulemaniya International Airports or Border gates and if they wish to stay longer, they should visit the Residency Office to extend the duration of their stay.

erbil iraq

At the Kurdistan Parliament building in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq.

All other Nationalities will need an Iraqi Visa or a KRG Entrance Approval

All other nationalities should have an Iraqi visa or KRG Ministry of Interior’s entrance approval prior to the travel. There are three ways to obtain a visa for the nationalities that need visas to the Kurdistan Region:

1- You can apply for the Iraqi visa at the nearest Iraqi Embassy or Consulate

2- You can apply for the KRG Ministry of Interior’s visa through one of these ways:

· Through your company, or counterpart in the Kurdistan Region

· Through your Embassy in Baghdad or Consulate in Erbil if they have one, to send them an official letter requesting KRG’s visa

· Through KRG Representation in your home country if there is one.

If you are in doubt about your situation, please contact the Kurdish government before your trip, their email address is: [email protected] – they normally get back to you relatively quickly. Their website is – Kurdistan Government website. It’s also worth checking out the excellent site Go Kurdistan which is the best backpacking resource for Kurdistan on the web.

jonny blair backpacking in iraq

Posing by both the Iraq and the Kurdistan flags in Irbil.

How to Get to Iraqi Kurdistan

You have two main options of getting to Iraqi Kurdistan:

1. Overland

2. By Air

jonny blair iraq

Iraq was the 85th country on my journey.

Going Overland to Iraqi Kurdistan

Overland you can only really access Kurdistan from two countries – Turkey and Iran. All other borders into Iraq remain tightly closed except for those working there or for special circumstances. For the record, Iraq also borders Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

iraq border map

A map showing Iraq and its borders.

A few of my fellow blogging buddies have gone overland without fuss – Derek from Wandering Earl and Adam Pervez from Happiness Plunge. They chose the overland border from Turkey. This goes from Silopi to Zakho.

erbil iraq flight

We boarded our flight to Erbil, Iraq from Doha in Qatar.

We decided to fly in and out of Iraq. I have no idea which option is safer, but for sure going overland is cheaper. This was the last part of our 4 month Middle East and Caucases tour so we weren’t bothered about spending money on the flight just to see part of Iraq. We booked flights in and out.

kurdistan iraq erbil

Arrival at Erbil International Airport in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Flying into Iraqi Kurdistan

If you choose to fly into Kurdistan, you have two options for airports:

1. Erbil International Airport

2. Sulimaniyeh International Airport

international airport erbil kurdistan

Erbil International Airport is the largest in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Both airports have a range of flights which vary depending on time of year and demand. The most popular destinations from Iraqi Kurdistan are Istanbul, Ankara, Adana (all Turkey), Doha (Qatar) and Dubai (UAE). There are also direct flights from Erbil to Amsterdam and Stuttgart. Using Baghdad as a connection can also get you further afield, but please remember Iraq is still recovering from years of War and the Saddam Hussein regime so safety in Baghdad, even in the airport cannot be guaranteed. Unless you have the full Iraqi Visa you won’t be able to leave the airport in Baghdad anyway.

erbil doha

Boarding pass all ready for the flight to Erbil from Doha.

With all that in mind, we eventually decided to fly into Erbil from Doha in Qatar. It’s a direct flight and takes just under 2 and a half hours. We went with Qatar Airways. I’ll write a bit more about the flight itself in another post.

qatar airways flight

We went with Qatar Airways from Doha to Erbil.

Arrival at Erbil International Airport

On arrival at Erbil International Airport, your plane will most likely head straight to the terminal for a direct walkway into the arrivals hall. There doesn’t appear to be any buses between the terminal and the planes – they’re not needed. Erbil is still a pretty quiet airport, a lot of flights come in daily but generally it is still a “sleeping giant”.

erbil airport

Erbil International Airport – modern and swanky!

It’s a really nice, swanky, modern airport waiting for a tourist boom to kick into play. You walk straight from your flight to the immigration section without fuss. Clean, well laid out, bilingual (Arabic and English) and modern.

Getting a Visa on Arrival at Erbil International Airport, Kurdistan, Iraq

Join the queues and line up for your visa. You don’t need any photos, any forms or anything else if you are travelling on a British or Irish Passport. Some other nationalities are the same, but check with your embassy to confirm.Canadians, Americans, Japanese can all get visas on arrival for Iraqi Kurdistan.

erbil airport

Arrival at Erbil International Airport – visa sorted within minutes.

What you Need to get an Iraqi Kurdistan Visa at Erbil International Airport, Kurdistan, Iraq

I used my Irish passport and this is what I needed:

1. Myself (a given – you have to be there)

2. A valid passport from an eligible region with more than 6 months validity on it

3. To pose while they take a quick photo of you

The entire process must have taken 45 seconds. One of the quickest and easiest entries into a country ever – and this is Iraq! Here’s what the stamp (your visa) looks like:

erbil airport visa

My visa stamp on arrival at Erbil International Airport in Iraqi Kurdistan.

* You don’t need any forms, you don’t need to pay, you don’t even need proof of your onward flight (if they do ask this – better to say you’ll go overland into Turkey – even if you end up booking a flight and flying out).

How much does an Iraqi Kurdistan Visa cost at Erbil International Airport?

It cost me nothing on my Irish passport. It’s a FREE visa on arrival. Don’t you just want to visit Iraq now? Some nationalities will of course have to pay for a visa though, so again, please check.

iraqi kurdistan notes

The 15 Day Kurdistan Visa is FREE for a lot of nationalities!! You won’t need any of these old Hussein Dinars!

How long does the Iraqi Kurdistan Visa last?

As a standard rule they give you 15 days. This is easily enough time to see the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Should you want to stay longer, you’ll need to apply in advance or while in the country, ask for an extension. I have no experience of either situation, but trust me – 15 days is sufficient.

visa for iraqi kurdistan

It’s a 15 day visa for Iraqi Kurdistan ONLY.


What Restrictions does the Iraqi Kurdistan Visa have?

It does exactly what it says on the tin – you are allowed to visit the Kurdistan region of Iraq only. This is not a crazy rule by any means – it’s for your own safety and parts of Iraq are still out of bounds.

This means you cannot sadly visit the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Baghdad, Mosul, Kirkuk and Al Basra are also off limits so don’t think about it.

erbil citadel

Checking out the Citadel in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan.

Other parts of Kurdistan

Please also note that there are also Kurds in other countries such as Iran and Syria, so the term Kurdistan covers more than just Iraqi Kurdistan. This map kind of shows the entire area known as Kurdistan.

kurdistan map

A map of the region known as Kurdistan – it goes beyond just Iraqi Kurdistan.

What are the main sights in Iraqi Kurdistan?

Erbil, Sulimaniya, Amadiya, Salahaddin’s Fortress, Zakho, Dohuk and Hamilton Road are the main parts to see.  I’ll be writing more about the places I visited in future posts. In the meantime, just check out which is an awesome site which gives a great overview on Kurdistan. I hope my this post on how to get an Iraqi Kurdistan Visa helps you on your way!

go kurdistan website

The excellent Go Kurdistan website gives a fantastic overview.

Safe travels!! Kurdistan is in Iraq, but you’ll discover it’s a great place to go backpacking in! I can’t wait to write some more posts on it!!

111 thoughts on “How To Get an Iraqi Kurdistan Visa on Arrival at Erbil International Airport

  • That all sounds great Jonny. Hadn’t realized the difference between the two regions. Nor how easy it was. ‘Course I’d have to do it the hard way ‘cuz I’ve a US passport (unless the Manx Gov’t can issue me one – which’d make things a ton easier all round).
    Graefyl recently posted…Lord of the Rings, a Travelers BibleMy Profile

  • Graefyl – yes it’s a lot easier than most people believe. The thought of travelling to Iraq even terrifies some of my mates (even though they won’t admit it). It was always on my list to go backpacking in Iraq. US passports are OK as my fellow travel blogger Wandering Earl found out. I’m doing the Kurdistan region first time round and will wait till things stabilise a bit more before heading to southern Iraq (Babylon and Baghdad. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Thanks for the comment Raymond – you’re probably the first person to read this post, as it’s my least popular post in the last 2 months so far! Hopefully more travellers will read this too and break the mould to visit countries like Iraq! Safe travels. Jony

  • Hi i travelled to erbil kurdistan in 2009 and it was fantastic lovely parks and shops food is great had my pic took with an ak47 which belonged to my friends uncle a lot of what you see in the media is about baghdad falluja and mosul you dont go to these places when i told my friends and family i was going to iraq they said WHAT! IRAQ why cant you go to spain or greece but believe me its an experience and the people are welcoming.

  • Hi Amanda, Thanks for the comments – I totally agree – it’s a rewarding experience and much better than Spain or Greece! Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hi Mohammad – I’m not sure – you’ll have to check with your embassy but also please note – this is NOT a working visa, just a tourist visa. Safe travels. Jonny

  • We are welcoming all tourists…. Come to Kurdistan and see the reality… don’t care about lie medias….
    I really love all my tourists who visit Kurdistan….

  • Thanks for the comment Rabar and totally agree – Kurdistan is an amazing place and the people are great! Hope you get a load more tourists. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Dear Jonny, I am going to erbil and was not having any idea that what sort of place that is. By reading your post i am no more stranger to erbil. Now i feel that i have already visited that 🙂 Thanks

  • I am filipina & i want to go in kurdistan as a tourist is it possible to give me a tourist visa is safe place. and how much, currently i am working now in dubai. let me know some advice plsss

  • Hi Kate – thanks for the comment – I got my visa on arrival as I stated, but I dont know the answer to that but please contact the Kurdish government and send them an email and I’m sure they can help you. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hello, I am an Iraqi who is living in Ireland currently and after seeing ur post I feel like I wanna visit Erbil 🙂 thanks

  • Hi Ahmed nice to hear you swapped a decent place to live for another one. Erbil is a great city, but I think Belfast just edges it for me! Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hi Jonny,

    I am from Malaysia and planning to go to Sulaymaniyah.
    I am a female and may be travelling by myself.
    What concern me most is about the safety to travel there at this moment.
    Another concern is on the mean of communication there. I only speak English and Malay, therefore is it difficult to communicate esp when riding taxi etc?
    Can share what is your thought about this?

  • Hi Aisyah – Thanks for the email. I am not sure about the current situation – I was there end of 2013 and start of 2014 and it was peaceful and safe. Things may have changed now. CommunicaTION is not an issue – just use maps and hand gestures if you really struggle. Lots of people now speak English in Kurdistan. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Im immigration police in erbil international airport .
    thank you. Mr Jonny Blair for everything

  • Dear Jonny: I wish you the best in your current trip.
    I was searching for information to travel to Kurdistán Región.
    This is a very helpful information to get there.
    With all the changes it was a Little bit confusing but with your help, it becomes easier to plan a trip there.
    I only want to add that there is a website of the Kurdistán Government where you can find if you need a visa depending on your nationality.
    I am Mexican and I don´t need visa. I have 15 days to stay there.
    I only want to ask you if you recommend me a good not expensive place where I can stay in Erbil.
    Stay safe, take care and thank you so much.

  • Hi Carolina, have a safe trip to Iraq, I must admit I was there in December 2013 – January 2014 so the situation must have changed since then. I also got a visa on arrival. Erbil has LOTS of hotels especially in and around the Bazaar and Market – it’s a really great city – we loved it. I spent 2 nights in a place called Lord City Hotel (I think) and 4 nights in the Bekhal Hotel. Bekhal was by far the cheapest but City Lord was the best. You don’t need to book anything in advance – just head to the hotel and get a room when you arrive – same for other cities in northern Iraq/Kurdistan. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hi Jonny,
    I came across your post searching for visa to Kurdistan. I am traveling to Erbil soon and I have call the Iraq embassy in Washington D.C. and the man that answer the phone said that I can just go there no problem and get the visa on arrival at Erbil. I call the airline and they say that I do need a visa. So I call the again the embassy in Los Angeles, CA and they say that I do need a visa because Kurdistan is Iraq. that I need to do an application and submit for approval to Bagdad. It will take up to 8 weeks to get a letter granting permission or not. He was not friendly on the telephone with me and it made me more confused. I have found many sources of information that states that I can get a visa on arrival to Erbil airport including the states that USA visitors get visa free for up to 15 days. My fiancé and I are only traveling because his family is there but I want to be sure that I will not be turn back since we have spend so much money into this trip already. I am exited, scared and many other things. Because as you mention in your article people don’t want to travel to Iraq. Any advise you can give me will be really help full.
    I try getting in touch with the Erbil airport and I have not gotten an answer back. If you know any one at the airport that can give me information on how things are for USA people on arrival that will be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Fanny thanks for your comment. I was there in 2013 and on an Irish and British passport so I cannot help you currently or I dont know the USA situation. One thing for sure though is that Baghdad you definitely need a full Iraqi visa, and for the Kurdistan part, an Iraqi Kurdistan visa is all that is needed. I wish you all the best for your trip. Best of luck and safe travels. Jonny

  • hello my name is samuel from Nigeria pls i want to know if i can get a working visa to kurdistan and want to to know the cost hope to read from you thanks.

  • Hi Jonny,
    I am planning a trip to qualadiz Iraq I have to go to Erbil to get there, I have never traveled before and this will be my first time ever on a plane lol. I am a bit scared but your blog really helped me. I am from Arizona, so I know I must get a passport first and on my arrival I have to get the visa for Kurdistan ONLY? Correct? Should I be scared of the travel THERE? I do wish to hear from you

    Thank you

  • Hi Gen, Thanks for your comment. You need to check with your embassy for the US passport to see if you can get a visa on arrival. I was there in December 2013 – January 2014 and times may have changed. Also due to the tension in Syria and Iraq at present, I would not visit that region myself at the moment, so do have a think about it before you head there. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Just wondering how safe it is for an American in Erbil and surrounding area right now. An associate wants to hire me as photographer in an upcoming visit to the area.

    All best.

  • Hi Andy, I was there in December 2013 – January 2014 so I can’t really say what it will be like now. When I was there it was safe and very enjoyable, however since then, there have been lots of security and immigration issues with the Middle East and south eastern Europe which I’m sure you’ll be aware of. Personally, I would avoid that area at present, but it’s up to you. Stay safe and happy. Jonny

  • Hi Jonny great info on your travels…. I am holding tight in Egypt until February and maybe until weather warms up. Do you or anyone else here, have information on travel to Karistan?

  • Hi Mujaahida, thanks for the comment. I’m not sure about Karistan, I haven’t been. I have been to Kurdistan and Podjistan though. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Great post and comment thread. I used your guidance to go to Kurdistan web sites and it says, no visa needed for 15 day visit for US citizen. And no history of any westerner or tourist killed by jihadis in Erbil. That says to me: 1) all travel has risk, 2) Iraq is a war zone so exercise caution, 3) US tourists or writers are welcome and 4) the data suggests number of US visitors killed while visiting Erbil by combatants = zero.

  • Hi Brain thanks for the comment. Hope you got in and out safely. It’s a cool place to go backpacking in, just a shame that region of the world often gets caught up in wars. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Thank you, Jonny for the very informative information and inspiring journey you shared. I’m a resident in Finland and I have two great Kurdish friends who are like my brothers. I want to visit their family in Kurdistan this summer. I’m aware that situations is different from 2013 to now but I believe everything will be fine if I just travel in the Iraq-Kurdistan region. Thank you for sharing your exciting journey…

  • Hi Fargo thanks for checking out my site and great news about your friends from Iraqi Kurdistan. I hope Finnish passports have the visa law as mine did. Flying in or out of Erbil and Sulimaniyeh should be fine. As ever, Iraqi and Kurds are great people and they have a cool country with a nice history, let’s hope they find peace on our lifetime. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Im planning to travel iraq kurdish im very confuse about getting visa on arrival in irbil iraq can i get visa eirbil itaq

  • Hi Ady, It depends on your nationality and the situation. Please check with your embassy and the relevant channels. I’m just a travel blogger and I was there in 2013. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Just returned from 10 days in Kurdistan. Very safe, wonderful warm welcome, Erbil is like a modern American city. With Kurdish street signs, kebobs and shisha cafes. This blog was essential to me for trip preparation.

  • Sorry its Addy forgot tell you im ametican and want ro know if i can get visa in eirbil airport plan to go kurdish

  • Excellent blog sir! Planning my trip to see friends and fans! How is the cost of living and how much did you pay for your room back then roughly in $? TÍA


  • Hi Tim, thanks for the comment. I think rooms were around $10 US a night, I was with my girlfriend so we got doubles for $20 US most of the time. We’re cheap backpackers so we managed n around $20 US a day back then in 2013 – 2014, it may have gone up now due to the recent problems in the Middle East. Safe travels to Iraq. Jonny

  • Hi Farnaz, this will depend on your nationality/passport so I can’t answer that. Please contact your nearest Iraqi or Kurdish embassy. For me, back in 2013, the visa was free of charge. Things always change. Safe travels, Jonny

  • I hope all knew that kurdistan region is a part of iraq but everythings totaly different
    ..and i do advise all visit kirdistam .

  • Hi Doske, thanks for the comment, yes Kurdistan is definitely worth a visit, I loved it. Sadly many are put off by recent wars and extremists in the region. I hope it all calms down and peace arrives in Iraq and Syria. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Lots of men writing here…but any tips for women planning on visiting Sulymanya? Do western women need to wesr scarves for safety? ‘Ill be travelling alone… Any precautions?

  • Hi Marianna, if you can try and travel with a guy. It’s just safer that way, especially with the recently issues in Mosul. But if you travel alone, yes stay covered up and meet lots of local people. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hi Jonny

    My friend from Philippines in Manila
    He want to go Erbil
    How he can go to the Erbil
    Please answer me so important

    Thanks Jonny

  • This is a great blog. Quick question. I was in Kurdistan last year. I’m going to iraq in few days. Will I be OK because I have Kurdistan stamps in my passport.

    Many thanks

  • Hi Adie, thanks for your comment. I was in Iraqi Kurdistan in 2013 – 2014 and am not sure of the current situation. Certainly there didn’t seem to be any major checks or issues when passing through Mosul or Kirkuk, but things change. Be careful as there are still political problems in the country but it’s a beautiful place. Safe travels. Jonny

  • hi.. i booked at a ticket from germany to erbil via istanbul and when trying to check in online it says i can only do this from germany to istanbul but not from istanbul to erbil. I read that germany is eligible for a visa upon arrival but this confuses me now 🙁
    Can you help :)?

  • Hi Marjan, thanks for the comment. I travel on an Irish passport was was there in 2013 so I cannot really help you. I would say back in 2013 you would have been able to get a visa on arrival on a German passport. You could contact the GERMAN bar in Erbil and ask them, or the German Embassy in Berlin. Enjoy your trip and safe travels. Jonny

  • How about and indonesian passport holder with permanent resident permit in Spain?I am Spanih and wife Indonesian and our kid both passports
    Thanks a lot

  • Went to Erbil last month, and did not get a visa on Arrival, just an entry stamp. So it would appear this is in fact a visa-exemption rather than a visa-on-Arrival provision

  • Btw, forgot: the Kurdish visa-free stay is now 30 days, except for Iranians and Turks who get 15. It’s now open for all nationalities

  • Hello jonny,how can I go kurdistan region ?I came from philippines I have a fiancee there in duhok city

  • Hi Ande, As mentioned in the article, you can go by flight. But if you want to overland it from Turkey, this is also an option, but check for borders being open in advance. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hi Ande, did you actually read the post? Just get a flight into Erbil or Sulimaniyeh. Or if you want to overland it, look at the Turkey border to Zakho. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hi i am from pakistani i try all methods to get erbil visa but no response from KRG email address and there is no repsentative of KRG…

  • Dear friend
    I hope you are doing well
    Just i want to recommendation any one the need visa of Kurdistan please contact this number call 009657504715836
    Lawyer jehat

  • Hi Alex, thanks for the comment. As I mentioned to everyone else, I am only a tourist like you, not a visa issuer or embassy so please check with the relevant people before your trip. Safe travels, Jonny

  • Your post is so inspirational! I went to Palestine five months ago, and I consider arabic countries fascinating, Iraq is on the top of my list of the countries I want to visit, I just need to sort out the application process for a visa as a mexican national. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • Thank you very much! I will definitely wait for things to calm down! I wish you the best! Thanks again!

  • Has anyone from the US traveled to Iraq recently? I am having the hardest time getting a Visa, and just looking for some advice or direction. I have called and called the Consulate in LA (and in DC) with no response. I have emailed everyone I can think of, and I am getting nowhere!

    I have a personal Iraqi sponsor, and he is even getting doors slammed in his face. The US Embassy in Baghdad was no help either. Anyone have any advice?

  • i am from kurdstan and i live in sulaimaniyah ! i am really happy to see your report about how peoples come to kurdstan hope we will see u again here!!

  • Hi, I been to Jordan and Syria in the last few weeks I didnt think Iraq was possible until i ran into your travels I know its out dated is it still safe ?
    And I have a mexican passport wanting to vist
    erbil , Also how long is the visa for?

  • Hi, I am in Australia and the full Iraq visa takes 12 weeks. The Kurdistan visa can be done on arrival at Erbil. I am going there in 8 weeks from Iran. Ric

  • I’m just now not optimistic wherever you’re obtaining your info, nonetheless good matter. I actually should spend time studying much more and also knowing a lot more. Thank you for excellent details I’m searching for this data for my mission passport uk renewal.

  • Hi Muhammad, Thanks for the comment and sorry for the delay – I have been in depression a lot of the last 4 years and not been checking messages or emails. I appreciate you taking time to read my stories. Stay safe. Jonny

  • Dear Tony, thanks for the comment and apologies for the delay. I have been suffering from severe depression the last few years. I visited Iraq in 2013 on an Irish passport, which at the time was visa free for arrivals by flight into Erbil or Sulimaniyeh. I have no idea if that still happens, or the situtaion for Mexicans – please check with the Iraq or Kurdistan embassy for advice. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hi Richard, thanks for the comment and sorry for the delay. I was suffering from depression and only now I am checking all comments, meesages and blog emails. Thanks for checking out my articles on Kurdistan and the visa tips. Stay safe, Jonny

  • Hi Linda, Thanks for the comment and I am extremely sorry for the huge delay in replying to you. I have been going through problems with depression and wasn’t checking the comments or messages that much. Thanks so much for telling me about that. This was my article I wrote around 2013 – 2014 when I was touring Iraqi Kurdistan. It is a shame that so many dishonest please steal it – they could have just emailed asking to use my link and photos etc. Stay safe. Jonny

  • Hi Sippel, Thanks for the comment and I am extremely sorry for the huge delay in replying to you. I have been going through problems with depression and wasn’t checking the comments or messages that much. Stay safe. Jonny

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