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By March 2008, my broken leg bone hat-trick was beginning to heal and though I didn’t travel much, I was in two countries that month – England and Northern Ireland. I made plans to visit Scotland again in May 2008.

Working Wednesdays - Managing a rock band! I managed the Waves in 2006 and we toured Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton and London!

Working Wednesdays – Managing a rock band! I managed the Waves in 2006 and we toured Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton and London!

I had started to backdate and document my life in more detail by now. As I write this today in 2021, there are still over 1,000 unwritten blog posts and even the series I started (such as Working Wednesdays, Thirsty Thursdays, Friday’s Featured Food etc. will never ever be finished. I could have a job story a day for the rest of my life and drink / food stories will never end for anyone). The weird thing is that although I started my regular serieses around this time, some of them are not even posted on the exact day. There is a two day gap between a Wednesday and a Thursday for example which is confusing. But slowly, the blog was developing though it is far from perfect and far from the way I wanted it. I was still such a novice.

Entire March 2008 articles –

1st March 2008 – Bangor Amateurs FC…and just any football team really…and Joe Blair
2nd March 2008 – “The script will write itself…” – Ben Paulley
3rd March 2008 – Wednesday Night Fever…Sheffield Wednesday 0-2 AFC Bournemouth (17.03.2004)
4th March 2008 – Studying Saturdays: Attending Ards Tech 2002 – 2003, Northern Ireland
5th March 2008 – Working Wednesdays – Don’t Bank With The Halifax
6th March 2008 – Oh he can’t believe it can he???? – Northern Ireland 3-1 Poland (February 1991)
7th March 2008 – Thirsty Thursdays: Football Grounds of London Pub Crawl!
8th March 2008 – Is this the way to Weymouth, Dorset??
9th March 2008 – Up the Poppies, In All Remembrance Services! :Bournemouth FC 3-1 Alton Town FC
10th March 2008 – Come on You Yellows!! Torquay United 0-0 Birmingham City
11th March 2008 – Zorbing in Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand
12th March 2008 – What’s in a name?
13th March 2008 – Working Wednesdays: Attending the Shiny Shiny Awards in London, England
14th March 2008 – Thirsty Thursdays: Countries of the World Pub Tour in London (10 nations in one day)
15th March 2008 – Kilmaine Lunchtime Premier League 1991 – P7R 3-3 P7T
18th March 2008 – Six Months In a Hotel
19th March 2008 – Empire State Building: A moon is in my head

22nd March 2008 – “This; a present from Stalin’s Reign” – The Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw, Poland
23rd March 2008 – SOE NISC Bristol Meeting – Walkabout, Nerys’ Welsh Tits and Sammy Clingan
25th March 2008 – “That’s me, Up In The Sky”: Sky Diving Over Lake Taupo, New Zealand
28th March 2008 – Book Review: There’s Always One by Shaun Schofield

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