World Travellers: a cool chick - Laura Coolen - What About Her

World Travellers: Laura from What About Her

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Up next in my ongoing travel series of world travellers is what I would call a “cool chick”. I met up with Laura Coolen last year in the deserts of Jordan and we ate together at the campsite in Wadi …

Admiring the wooden church in Sinnamary.

Backpacking in French Guyana: Sinnamary and a Television Remote Control

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OK so after crossing from Brazil into French Guyana, we were keen to explore some of this unusual country. It’s basically a part of France bunged right into South America. We toured the capital city of Cayenne including turtle watching …

Free nachos , some cheese and beans with my Victoria beer and lime.

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Free Nachos in the Cantinas and Bars in Mexico City, Mexico

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It’s been a while since I did a money saving tip on a Monday and while there are a lot more up my sleeve I felt I’d type this one up while I’m actually in Mexico City! Firstly Mexico City …

Loving my experience visiting the Mestalla while backpacking in Valencia back in 2003.

Backpacking in Valencia, Spain – Blast from the Past

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I rarely talk about my early trips around Europe but they have been reignited the last few weeks thanks to the football World Cup in Brazil and the fact I’m visiting Mexico which hosted the 1986 World Cup. You see, …

View from a beer watching "The 7-1 match" in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil.

15 Different Places I watched the World Cup Knockout Matches

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You may have read my post on 41 places I watched the World Cup first round matches. This is the sequel and the final part as my journey round South America took me to a few more places on my …

best hostel iguacu

Staying in the Hostel Green House: The Coolest Hostel in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

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Down the years I have stayed in some completely cool, crazy and quirky hostels and one of these days I’ll get a top 10 hostels typed up. The last year has undoubtedly seen me stay in about 30 – 40 …

Cheers! Enjoying Surinamese Rum on the boat back to Paramaribo on the Sugar Trail.

Doing A Sugar Cane Trail in Suriname

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“that sugar cane that tasted good. That’s who you are. That’s what you could.” – Michael Stipe, R.E.M. 2001 The former Dutch colony of Suriname is famous for its sugar cane plantations. These days though it’s a thing of the …

Outside Fajalobi and the Etienne's Unique Apartments.

Staying at Fajalobi, Etienne’s Unique: Our Own Apartment in Paramaribo, Suriname

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I love the accommodation diversity that travel brings. Especially recently while backpacking in northern Brazil and “The Guyanas”. Having spent nights in jeeps, airports, night buses, good hostels and bad hostels, we found pure luxury and relaxation at an apartment …

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