Eating cheese oysters in Tai O, Hong Kong.

Friday’s Featured Food: Cheese Oysters in Tai O, Hong Kong

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Today on Friday’s Featured Food it’s the turn of seafood. I admit I’m not a big fan of seafood and despite the fact I’ve tried hundreds of dishes from the sea, if given the choice, I’ll always side with pork …

My mattress and temporary room when I lived, worked, partied and blogged in Australia.

The Night Some A$$hole Burgled Our Flat in Parramatta, Australia

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I took advantage of my Australian Working Holiday Visas, using my first and second year options and loved my time living in the land down under. There were many more highs than there were lows when I lived there, but …

Inside the Tiger Cave, Israel.

Exploring the Tiger Cave and Qeshet Cave in Northern Israel

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After a thrilling reunion with my Israeli friends Natali and Alex, where we did an oil lamps tour in Caesarea, we stayed a few days in Haifa on the Mediterannean Coast of Israel. The second day was another eventful one …

hong kong international airport cheap

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: The Cheapest Way to Get to Hong Kong Airport

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My money saving tips on Hong Kong haven’t really been covered too much on here, backpacking round the rest of Asia and the Middle East has taken priority recently, so it’s back to Hong Kong this month to get caught …

At the parliament in Erbil, Kurdistan and Iraq flags fly side by side.

A Backpacker’s Guide to Iraqi Kurdistan

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Having recently backpacked in northern Iraq in the region known as Iraqi Kurdistan, I felt that a backpacker’s overview was in store. It’s rare for me to give an overview of a country in a single post as I try …

tonight give me everything

Sunday’s Inspiration: Live for the Present, There is no Tomorrow

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“Tonight I’m gonna live for today so come along for the ride.” – Robbie Williams. Today on Sunday’s Inspiration is the most important thing you’ll ever hear but yet it’s one that not enough people ever listen to. Live for …

hong kong working visa

How to Get a Hong Kong Working Visa

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It’s time for some more of my expert visa advice on DSL as I cover my guide on how to get a Hong Kong Working Visa. I wrote before about how I originally came to Hong Kong as a backpacker, …

Top 5 sights in London - the New Den for Millwall FC.

My Top 5 Backpacking Sights in London, England

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Although it’s rare for me to write about backpacking or sightseeing in London, England the fact remains that I once spent a year working my ass off in London and it was only after leaving that job in 2007 (almost …

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