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Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Using Lonely Planet Guides on Your Travels

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If you have followed my journey the last 10 years on here, you will know that I love to be the tourist, every day of my life. I am a very spontaneous tourist who ventures anywhere and everywhere I can. …

Backpacking in Nedland: I Am The Country of Nedland’s Official Consul-General to Northern Ireland

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On my travels I have an absolute obsession for visiting new countries and even better, countries that most don’t recognise or that people think don’t exist! This will be obvious from my recent travel target to whackpack my way to …

Backpacking in Narnia: Crossing From Belfast, Northern Ireland into This Magical Land

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The latest wacaday country adventure for my backpack was a return to the land of Narnia, a real country for sure and another interesting one, on what has now ridiculously become a 151 country tour of planet earth on route …

My Travel Target: To Visit 200 Countries Before I am 40

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This is a huge post, a crazy mission and one of the most ridiculous things I have ever written on here or on anywhere else, but here goes. The more I cover my depression, suicide, honesty and despise of liars …

40 Most Unusual or Obscure Countries I Have Visited

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If you have followed the blog for what is now 10 years, you might be aware I have a passion for the obscure and absurd. Backpacking places like Rome, Paris and New York just didn’t excite me any more. It …

Introducing My New Blog: Northern Irishman in Poland, Połnocny Irlandcyzk w Polsce

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Life changed for me and I introduce something new today. This blog might give advice on visas and tourist tips, but basically it is me telling my life story. There has been a progression on here, the first post on this …

Don't Stop Living returns in August 2017

Limited Edition: Don’t Stop Living Returns For One Month – August 2017

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Realistically this blog ended 12 months ago. Depression hit me hard and deep and I have been suicidal every day since. Life has been tough, hard to explain to others. Nothing worked. Medication, meditation, travelling, settling, psychiatrists, psychologists – they …

Studying Saturdays: Backpacking Centurion In The Grammarian, Bangor, Northern Ireland

The Latest Saga on my TWO Books: “1 – Backpacking Centurion” and “2 – Seek Well”

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** This post is dedicated to Lance Queens, a friend I met only a few times in life but a man who spoke his mind, respected me, gave me support in depression, and every second of his life he supported …

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