Tourism in the USA at Jackson Hole and My New Found Luxury

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As a once budget backpacker looking for the cheapest, dingiest hostel of all time and the cheapest meal, I realised through my struggles with depression that health comes first now. These days. you will know I prefer to relax and …

dog statue tokyo

Backpacking in Japan: 3 Things You Must Do in Tokyo in 2017

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Tokyo, Japan boasts an impressive reputation as being one of the biggest, brightest, and busiest cities in the world. Who could blame them, with 24.3 million unique visitors in 2016 alone, Japan’s rich culture and exquisite sights attract travelers from …

Finding the Best Skiing Conditions in Japan

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An amazing trail of deep powder snow is a ski junkie’s ultimate dream. However, finding the best snow condition could be challenge, especially if you are dead serious about skiing. Fortunately, there are several ways to guarantee that you won’t …

dubai creek views

Modern Meets Tradition: Dhow Cruise Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Dubai is a dream holiday destination of many people from across the globe. The astounding megacity has so much to offer to the visitors as well as the residents that one cannot resist. The amazing vast desert and the beautiful …

pink pants

Taking a Fashion Tour of Iceland

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Iceland has long had a reputation for eccentricity, quirkiness and not really giving a damn what anyone else thinks is trendy. Remember the pink pants episode and the willy exposure? Reykjavik is fast becoming the ultimate destination for Nordic cool …

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Stay Productive on an Airplane

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Some of you might have to regularly catch flights for business trips. This would mean that you will have actually very little time left on your hands between two trips to unwind yourself and think about your future goals. If …

Thirsty Thursdays: The Importance of April 1st and My Top 7 Bars in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

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A party city, Ulaan Baatar? Yes, for sure! And one that offers a huge range of bars – from the dingy sheds to the flambuoyant rock clubs, there was a lot to cram in. But my liver subsides as I …

Learnining Polish in Gdansk with Jonny Blair

Studying a Language Abroad with ESL – Language Travel

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Learning a language abroad is an amazing experience and one I have indulged in so many times. These days, it has become much easier. Those based in the UK, try the ESL website for some great ideas about learning a …

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